Professional Development Coaching

Professional Development Coaching

Professional Development Coaching is in-depth discovery of ineffective behaviors and barriers hindering desired results. For the professional that desires to present themselves confidently, effectively lead and communicate, and grow professionally.

Utilizing processes and principles of executive coaching and emotional intelligence techniques to enact behavioral change. The proven process aligns professional and personal goals and vision to develop the whole professional. 

​Coaching Program:

One on one thought provoking guidance through self-discovery and emotional awareness. Exploring and defining existing barrier and acknowledging the root cause of the barriers. Defining your goals in communications, leadership, time management and personal growth. Collectively create an action plan to accomplish defined goals by engaging newly introduced tools and executing new behaviors. Application enhances performance and provides you with the knowledge, skill set and confidence to achieve professional goals. 

Coaching Packages:

A – 30 minutes bi-weekly

B – 60 minutes bi-weekly

C – 60 minutes weekly